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About Project

Our client had a beautiful old Victorian quarry tile floor that they had discovered under carpet tiles. The customer had spent several weekends trying to remove all the glue and dirt from the top of the tiles, although they had done a great job there was still lots of areas where they couldn’t remove the glue and ingrained dirt.

We discussed the requirements with the customer, they wanted it deep cleaning and all residue removing and sealing. We offered an additional option to this which we knew would enhance the flooring further. Due to the age of the tiles, they were looking a little dull, we suggested after the deep clean, we would seal with a colour enhancer immersive seal which would highlight the colours and the natural beauty of the tiles.

We used our oscillating machine with the correct, safe chemicals to use to deep clean the floor and Diamond Dust in the more stubborn areas to remove the residue. We then rinsed the floor, vacuumed away the rinse and dried with air movers. Once dry we applied the colour enhancer to floor and buffed off. This left an already beautiful floor looking really vibrant again.

Project Details
  • Client:TGI Media